Best 10 Online side Business to Earn Extra Income

Best 10 Online side Business to Earn Extra Income

Every one want to find a side hustle to generate more money. It totally believe that you need to run at least a side business just to earn extra income . If you google “How to make extra income ” you’ll find huge number of articles claiming to have “100 best side Business ideas ” or “the 10 Business for passive income that’ll make You Rich.”

I’m sure that there are many other side online business ideas for everyone. However , I am to going tell you “Best 10 side Business to earn extra income ” that you can start today and doesn’t cost a rupee.
We going to talk about online. Now a days people mostly use online way because we can work at home as well, we don’t need to go outside and work for other at their conditions .There are some effective ways that you can apply and earn handsome income and the best part is that you dont need to quit your current job :

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1.Making money through Blogging:

Now a day people use their writing skills to earn extra income . I think its is not too easy write a blog. You need to search the topic that your audience want to know about. Your topic has to relevant with your website. you should add some relevant keywords which fits in your topic.after all you can share your blog with people so that your blog get some value.

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2.freelancing for quick income:

Freelancer are the people who work for other by doing part time jobs. A business C hire you  for one time employment or you can get a long term job with a company as a freelancer
Freelancing in many different ways, including :

Graphic design
Web design and Developing
Video editing
Sound design
Search engine optimization (SEO)
This is one of the best online job because you can use a skill you already have .

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3. Online courses:

Online Teaching jobs are growing every day. It’s become extremely popular, making it one of the best online jobs for many good reason . It’s flexible ,there is a high need , and it pays pretty well .
You could apply Udemy ,which doesn’t charge a rupee as instructor fees,to get started. To meet Udemy’s requirements .
To offer paid courses ,you will need to submit a premium instructor application. When a student purchases a course, then the instructor receives a percentage of that amount.instructors receive monthly payouts via PayPal or Payoneer.

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4. Become a You-tuber :

We all know  YouTube is a very good side career and if you want to become famous then it could be your permanent job and i am very sure it will give you money much more than your 9 to 5 job . All you need to is create your your channel. Steps to Earning Money From YouTube.
a) Create YouTube channel
b)Find a Niche For YouTube
c)Develop content Strategy for YouTube videos
d)Link your YouTube channel with Ad-sense
e)Use Best Tools for Videos
(like google keyword planner, Picture editing tool ,Social media campaign ,Analytics)
g) Monetizing Youtube Videos

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5.Affiliate Programs to Earn Extra income :

Affiliate marketing is the arrangement of earning income every time when you promote someone else’s products or services. If you produce, a sale for the company , you get paid . If you don’t generate a sale ,then you do not get paid .You could affiliate with world’s largest affiliate brand Amazon .You can put affiliate links and display ads on your blog,social medias  or website . As soon as anyone click on the link and buys any product , you will earn a handsome income as a commission from amazon.

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6. Podcasting:

If you don’t have your own products or services, you can promote  people’s products and services as an affiliate and earn a commission for doing so. Once your Podcast get bigger and has a large enough audience you can receive income in the form of packing and product mentions.

Social Media Marketing by Ashish aggarwal

7.Social media marketing:

This one is a no brainier. All most every small businesses don’t have the resources to keep an active and consistent social media presence. they need Someone to  post stuff on Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram, LinkedIn and so on . This is where you can work as social media manager . The job isn’t so easy as it sounds. Some business want you to create content that can go viral . You may have to handle replies, direct massages and comments that go viral on these social media platforms.

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8.voice over artist:

For voice over job ,you can actually do this from home. There is no need to go to an actual studio. Voice work or voice acting as its sometimes referred to, is pretty self explanatory . Most of the time ,its when you hear someone’s voice narrating a commercial, audio book , movie or television ,video game, or even a live event. If you have a pleasurably  voice, that could be a start but After that ,you need to realize freelance work of any kind can be a constant push , especially in the beginning . You will have to be up for that.
If you are doing voice over work from home , you will need to invest money in some equipment. You won’t necessarily need studio level equipment just starting out , but it’s batter to have something.
At the bare minimum, you should have:
Mic stand

Become a translater image by ashish aggarwal

9. Translating Business:

If you are fluent in a second language not only foreign language but even other Indian language like Punjabi , Marathi ,Malayalam etc ,translation services are in demand.

Become A virtual Assistant image by ashish aggarwal

10. Become A virtual Assistant :

Virtually every business needs help running their day to day administrative tasks, but they may not particularly want to pay a full time in house employee to do it . virtual assistant perform a variety of tasks that a traditional assistant would normally do ,including making travel arrangement ,paying bills, or managing expense. its truly online job .Virtual assistant typically work from home .they regularly interact with clients by phone ,email,or Skype on behalf of their boss.

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