Ashish Aggarwal

A One-Day Workshop Specially For

1. Trainers, Mentors

2. Coaching center owners

3. School owners

4. Teachers

5. Motivational speaker

6. Youtubers

A One Day Workshop for Online Course Creation for Teachers and Trainers will be conducted by

Mr. Ashish Aggarwal, a digital Marketing Trainer and a Franchise Coach

Invited on July 21, 2019, Sunday at 9 AM at

Hotel Bharat Continental, Rajendra Nagar Nagar, New Delhi-60.

In this one-day workshop, we are going to help the coaches and the trainers to multiply their income.

How to Start Online Teaching Business

1. Start Making Huge Money by online Teaching

4. Create your Online Course For Free

2. Build your VIRTUAL school or coaching

5. earn huge money by selling any type of course

3. Teach international and Indian students

6. How to create Passive Income for Life.

YouTube and Virtual Classroom Training

1. Complete Knowledge on Youtube.

4. SEO Simple ways to promote your Channel to get more Views.

2. How to create Virtual Classroom

5. Best Ways to create the Youtube Videos.

3. How market your COACHING CENTER , Training Business on YouTube

6. How to write Title, Description & Tags?

Yes, as we all know that nowadays no one is using an offline method. So, why to teach offline? Grow your audience with us by learning how to teach online, how you can create courses for your clients and get paid.

This method is considered to be the best as you are able to reach a wide audience and are able to earn a passive income for yourself.

Through this, you will be helped a lot as your course will be made only ones but can be sold many times. You just have to put your effort ones in your whole life to multiply your income through teaching.

The cost of the workshop will be Rs. 6,000 3,000/- only which will be inclusive of breakfast and lunch.

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