YouTube Marketing WorkShop by Ashish Aggarwal

Day:  11th August, Sunday 

Time:  10:00AM  to  5:00PM

Location: Kapson Near SSLNT College, Dhanbad

Do You Know that YouTube is the Biggest Video Search engine in the World?

In India itself there are more than 30 crore Users of Youtube.  

YouTube is No Doubt the Biggest Power for Trainers and Entrepreneurs

Yes, YouTube can give you Fame and Money Both. Do you want to know How….. For that attend one day workshop with Ashish Aggarwal and feel the real Power of Youtube.

Why Becoming Expert in YouTube Workshop is important for You. 

As you know, Youtube is the No. 1 search engine for Videos.

We all love to watch Videos so the blogs with videos are preferred High that’s the reason Youtube had Become the best way of Earning Money through Videos. There are many YouTubers who are earning a lot more than a Lakh per month in India.

So What are You Waiting for Join One Day YouTube Marketing Workshop of Ashish Aggarwal

  Get the Bundle of Three at Huge Discount

One Day YouTube Training = Rs. 5,000

6 Months followup Session = Rs. 15,000

 one Personal Session =          Rs. 4,000

Total Cost Rs. 24,000  Book Now at Rs. 1,500/- only 

Learn about YouTube and Making Money online.

What will you Learn in the workshop?

Do’s and Don’t on Youtube

Create YouTube Channel and Upload Videos in Channel

How can we do the SEO of YouTube

What are the tricks of getting the subscribersLikes, and Views for Free

Writing tags and Description for your Videos

How to Monetise your Channel

How to get Adsense Approval

How to create Videos for Youtube Without Camera and Mobile

Ways of making the Videos for Beginners

How can we Generate Leads for your Business easily

How to promote Your Videos and Business through YouTube

Getting New Ideas of making money

Workshop charges are Rs 24,000/-   1,500/- Only

Become an Influencer with the Power of Social Media

What You Will get

1 Day Youtube Marketing Workshop

Entry in Whatsapp Group and Personal Guidance for 6 Months

1 Personal Strategy Making Meeting

A Free E-Book and a Certificate of Participation

Who can Join the Youtube Marketing Workshop?

Anyone who is watching YouTube that can be Students, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Job Seekers, Anyone Looking for Skill Enhancement, Housewives.

So, Don’t Miss the chance to Be an Expert Youtuber.

we will explain social media platforms and we will teach you how to use them efficiently.

Connect With us and Start Making Money in your life by using Youtube. Don’t Miss the Income Left beside you.

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