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Workshop on Video Marketing Course

On 4th of November 2017, which was Saturday, a YouTube Marketing Course in Delhi by Ashish Aggarwal. He is Regularly Taking Such type of Workshops in Different Topics of Digital Marketing.

He provides sessions on digital marketing and also provides free events for people to learn Digital marketing. As a Part of His regular Classes, it was a Class on Youtube Marketing Course in Delhi.


Ashish AggarwalDigital marketing is a wide field, he has been in this field for a long time and has the experience of it.

In that workshop, he taught everything you need to know about YouTube, viz.,

  • Create a YouTube channel,
  • how to earn good money from YouTube,
  • Best ways to increase your views,
  • ways to promote your channel and videos,
  • How to create Videos
  • what tags to use and much more.

He started off the workshop by Introduction of the guests. The workshop was about 4 hours and in that time he gave detailed information about YouTube.

Few of the things happened in the Youtube Marketing session are:-

  • He talked about the top Indian YouTubers. It gave them the idea of how much you can earn just through YouTube and the figures were in Lacs.
  • Then he discussed what all gadgets or mediums you must use to create a video and which medium would be best for each of them according to their requirements.
  • The editing tools you can use to make awesome and attractive videos.
  • A very important factor to get views i.e., SEO of YouTube. In SEO, how to use tags, write descriptions etc.
  • How to promote your channel and videos to get views and likes. There are a lot of ways you can do that, he gave details of the best among them.
  • The main topic i.e., how you can earn money through YouTube, i.e., how to monetize your channel.

The main questions raised in the workshop were, how you can earn through YouTube. And you can promote your channel or videos.

About the Guests

All the guests were fully satisfied with the workshop and claimed that they got full information about YouTube. They got the answers they came looking for. People all were filled with positive energy. They also got to know there are a lot of opportunities they have to earn money from YouTube.

YouTube Marketing Course in Delhi

The same YouTube Marketing Course in Delhi was held previously on 2nd October. It was also a successful event. this event was held on the 2nd of October 2017. All the guests congratulated Ashish Aggarwal for delivering a great session.

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