7 YouTube Video Making Tools [Beginners Guide]

We all Knows that Videos are Making a Big Change in Marketing Industry and for Personal Branding as well.

But the Biggest Issue with most of us is

  1. How to Create Videos?
  2. What are the tools used to Create Videos at home?
  3. which Softwares to being used for Video making?

Today I am Going to share the Video Making Tools for Beginners and you too can comment your question to get the answer. Video Making tools are the seeds where you should saw first to taste the fruit of success and it also requires patience.

Revolution of Videos

At the start of youtube in 2005, who knows this will gonna revolutionize the marketing system and change the perspective of the audience from Television to online videos.

People were more speculating towards other social media app rather than youtube.

But youtube outplay the game and

  • become the second largest search engine,
  • over 1.9 billion monthly active users and
  • they watch a billion hours of video every day.
  • If we sum up then it is over 114,000 years of video consumed every day.

I am not saying videos are the only reason behind the success but the zeal to create videos with quality content is what makes them apart from others.

There is a term 90-10 percentage being used on youtube. From 100% of content creators on youtube, only 10% get success and you already got the point.

Of course, Youtube could be the best place for anyone to create some earnings but you have to be very consistent, patient and should work over quality even with quantity.

We have just covered up about the youtube and their benefits and the difficulty one could face.

Now let’s just jump towards youtube video making tools and how can ones accelerate the journey with these simple and accessible devices.

YouTube Video Making Tools



If you are at the beginning level then a smartphone is what you can opt to get started over youtube. Now smartphones come with a very good and steady camera that has the ability to record 4k videos without any notch.

Big companies are also well aware of the trends in videos and the camera quality comes in their primary motive before launching any flagship smartphone. The big data storage system makes it more suitable for anyone to jump over to youtube without any extra penny to spend but You can’t expect much from a smartphone in spite of what a video camera can do for recording. Let just clarify it in the third point.



DSLR Camera

dslr camera, youtube video maker tool


If you want to know how a video camera can be important to someone, then ask the YouTuber. This material could be one of the biggest assets for a decent YouTuber to invest in.
From the personal experience when I switch over to video recorder and how this facilitates me while recording. Because smartphones have some limits that no one could avoid even with their makeshift.

1. Like smartphones have a tendency to autofocus every time while recording videos, it means if you move too much then it would be difficult to get a clear recording.
2. If you are planning to do vlogging outdoor then the audio quality would be affected.
3. Some Mobile Phone doesn’t have the ability to record 1080p HD videos.

The investment is not that big, you can find some good quality camcorder/DSLR under 15 thousand.



Webcam (Laptop / Desktop)

smartphone youtube video maker tool


If you own a laptop or desktop then it will sum up all the equipment that one could require to make a decent video, from recording to editing to audio setting.

From the last five years, the laptop comes with an integrated webcam which is just above the laptop screen.

I know the quality is not that up to the mark in against smartphones or DSLR.

But they might fulfill all the requirements for a decent way to start on youtube if you can’t afford the latest version of smartphones or DSLR.

If your computer doesn’t have any webcam then you can purchase it under Rs.500.

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On-Screen Recorder

I think most of you won’t know about what is On-screen recorder and you haven’t heard it before about this.

Actually, it is third-party software for those who want to provide information based on their running laptop/Desktop screen like tutorials or video game footage.

Why this is more popular among YouTubers? Because it is presentable and gives clarity to your targeted audience.

Let just clarify with an example.
Suppose you are about to give information on how to install an “on-screen recorder”.

On the one side, you are only gabbing in front of your camera and giving your knowledge and on the other side, your competitor is presenting the information through their laptop screen (and also attaching mic for audio purpose). Now tell me which makes more sense?
Of course, your competitor outplays the game and even gain more subscribers and audience base.

Tools that I suggest to my colleagues and students is Electa


White Board Animation Tool : ( Video Scribe / Doodly)

It is another way to record videos and among the best youtube video maker tool (depends on your niche or content).

Basically, VideoScribe is an automatic tool for creating whiteboard animations and explainer videos.

You can create videos as that looks hand-drawn and the best part about this it doesn’t require any animation knowledge.

It is being used for “explainer videos” and popular among marketing and education information channels.

It is like ‘icing on the cake’ for your videos.

I have also clarified this topic, to know more, click the play button below.



Image to Video

Yes, you can make a youtube video with images.

It only requires a third-party tool and now you are wondering why we need and what’s the consequences to upload such videos.

It depends on the channel to channel, like if your niche is to give information then you can use slideshows With audio in the background to make it more suitable to watch.

I have recently gone through such video, it was basically an interview of bill gates where he elaborates about his struggling days, and the person depicted it so beautiful with images slideshow of bill gates plus soothing audio in the background and textual aspects to make it informative.




If you have animation skills or you want to outsource it from the outside then thumbs up from my side.

If something has a higher conversion rate of subscribers then animated videos are winning the race because it is more eye-catching and engaging.

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, 65% of people are visual learners. In the youtube field, If you can do this then the audience is yours.

It comes in the broad category like you can use it anywhere whether it is for comedy, educational, music video, etc…

If you are planning to target children then you can accept more success as an animated cartoon is easy to understand from the perspective of children.


Final Words on Video Making Tools

Now you are aware of youtube video marker tools and confident enough to select which is more accessible and suitable according to your niche.

Look, These youtube video maker tools are like motor vehicles of your youtube journey but in the end, you have to balance it with your right strategy. If you start with even webcam (as long as your content should be solid), you can still balance yourself on the road.

Here I have mentioned all the youtube video maker tools and even distributed it segment-wise(according to the niche), which you can use to start your journey on youtube.

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