How to Make YouTube Video [Beginners Guide]

YouTube Video in 2020 is the best possible way to reach your goals.

We Can Use Video Marketing for personal branding or for your business promotion because viewers develop a sense of connection with the YouTuber more than the textual aspect.

Human interaction while watching the video makes it more engaging. Youtubers are getting so much fame because of this and the day would not that much far when YouTubers might gain more popularity than any other Celebrity of different fields.

The first question that pop-up on the mind,

“How to make youtube video”.

I always delighted when someone taking a step in the video marketing industry. This shows that a person is willing to adapt themselves to this fast-changing environment.

How to Create VideosI remember when I first started my youtube journey as a franchise and Video Marketing coach in New Delhi. About 3 years ago, all I wanted to take my business one step ahead and I had just basic necessities which were required to make a decent video.

I Had Created my first Youtube Video with Screen Recording Tool.

Type of Videos You Can Create:

  • On-Screen Recording Videos
  • White-Board Animation Video
  • Animation Videos
  • Image to Video
  • PPT to Video 
  • Recording Video using Mobile / Camera

Yeah, initial days were quite tough but when I was getting deep into it and realize that this might be the best career for anyone.

From the past 3 years, I was busy in perceiving the algorithm of youtube and tactics for getting more Subscribers and Viewers.

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Franchise Business Consultant

Even I had given many workshops and events regarding youtube marketing and assisted many clients to get a positive impact on their personal branding or on their business through youtube medium.

Now I am going to share with you the top 6 ingredients that require to create a youtube video with bonus points.

How to Create Youtube Videos

1. Select your niche

videos for youtube


What’s your Purpose of  Creating the Videos?  What you Really want to Publish?

“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.”
― Steve Maraboli

Before pursuing the youtube I would suggest you take a day and think about what should be your niche.

Your Niche must be of your interest or having experience in it because this will helps in defining the longevity of your channel.

It could be anything like vlogging, fitness, Entertainment, Fooding, Pranks, Storytelling, business coach, motivational speaker, etc.

You will find a Huge Audience through Youtube Video Marketing.

A Google study suggests that one-third of the population of India which has internet connections spends almost 1.6 hours on youtube a day. You just have to need the right content which covers all that your audience is looking for.

If your plan is to take your business on youtube then you have to think out of the box, which asides you from the regular competition.

Basic Points while a selection of Niche in Video Marketing

  1. Must be a Giver: Your Audience must have a sense of satisfaction after watching your video. Be a Giver on the Youtube and People
  2. Provide Solution through Videos: You have to solve the problem of your define audience on a regular basis. Otherwise, people start forgetting you and take you for granted.
  3. Consistency: Choose a Niche on which you can create the content on a regular basis.

2. Focus More on Content

Content Marketing is not a new concept in the world of youtube marketing.

It was the king, It is the king and it will be the king Whether you are shooting in some idle place with a bad quality camera or vlogging in the backyard of your home.

We have a very good example of it. Most of you know about Bhuvan Bam (the youtube star of India), right? Have you seen his old videos on youtube where he was trying to entertain people with his Nexus 5’s front camera? and I don’t think the background was that much lavish or suitable for video marketing but what stood him aside is his Content and now he has become a brand with a net worth of $1million as of now (2019-20).

80-20 Rule of Video Marketing 

You must have heard about the 80 – 20 Rule. There is a famous 80-20 rule of thumb, which suggests 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

80% of your success on youtube channel defines from 20% of the work i.e. content creation and the rest 80% can be topics related to your brand, or things that you have strategically planned that your audience will enjoy.

Follow these steps for more clarity:

  • Write your script

If you want an expected result then first you need to give it direction. As I have already mentioned about clarity and how it could help in avoiding the obstacles.

Start with writing the script about your content, it should include everything from location to background music or any GIF.  Due to this, better ideas will come across to you.

  • Practice

After writing down the script, you should have to practice in front of any camera. Analyze where you can improve to get more perfection for your video. Provide your views as a spectator.

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3. Get a Better Camera 

Get a better camera

I know!, I didn’t recommend camera quality in the second point, and I am sure your smartphone has pretty much good quality pixels but today every other person has high-speed internet connectivity, this encourages users to watch 4K videos.

Few issues that I had experienced while working with a smartphone.

  • Like they have a tendency to autofocus every time while recording videos, it means if you move too much then it would be difficult to get a clear recording.
  •  If you are planning to do vlogging outdoor then the audio quality would be affected.
  • Some Mobile Phone doesn’t have the ability to record 1080p HD videos.

It was very annoying sometimes to work with smartphones due to their limits and then I shifted to Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera. It was indeed a good investment.

  • which rose my subscribers and shares up to 25%.
  • The ability to record 1080p HD Videos
  • Unlimited recording with high-performance battery backup.
  • Records super smooth and steady video.

4. Improve the Quality of your Audio

Remember that video quality is as important as audio quality and it should define the video.

If you recorded with 4k footage then still it would be very difficult to keep your viewers engage if your audio is terrible.
A simple tool that could rectify it, is a lapel microphone. So, it is basically the wireless microphone that would attach to your cloth.

It comes in a set that includes the transmitter and connected with the lapel and the receiver, which can receive signals from the transmitter.

See, a good investment in video marketing is what you need to provide a good experience to your audience.


5. Lights should be Perfect while Creating YouTube Video

Lights should be perfect

Lighting is another aspect that defines your engagement with the audience. It becomes very important if you are recording indoor.

Most of us don’t give much attention to small things but these little things are very crucial from the user’s side.

It wouldn’t take much from your pocket. A couple of lights could set a good example of quality videos.

If you have the vision to make your channel big then I would highly recommend LimoStudio 600W Umbrella Photography/Video Kit. It is an inexpensive and portable kind of stuff which can be used in both indoor and outdoor.

The light scatters after passing through the umbrella which highlights even the small details of the video. This would be more pleasing to the eyes.

6. Background of Your Videos

Use proper background while recording video. It could be a clean wall or a curtain that makes your video more professional.

Your audience doesn’t want to see a kid crying in the background while you are illustrating “key to happiness in life”. That kid will become a matter of distraction.

  1. Green Screen / Chroma Screen: If you want to change the Background after creating your Videos then use the simple Green Screen Background in your Video
  2. Still Background: If you don’t want to edit your Background then you must see then your background is not disturbing.  your shadow must not be visible in your background.

7. Give It Some Editing Touch

There is no shortage of editing software in the market and it could be the ‘Ace of Spade’ for your video if you do it correctly.

Without an editor tool, you will get trouble in making video adjustments.

Even youtube also has its own video editor but you can’t give a heavy editing treatment with this, all you need is a solid editor tool which gives you more freedom to adjust according to your choice.

In my view, Movavi Video Editor or Filmora Video Editing tool would be the best option for your video. Easy to use and with a wide range of editing stuff (like video trimming, freeze frames, bounce-back effects, animations, and more) that gives your video a professional touch.


As a video marketer, I have been doing it for the past 3 years and it has given me quite good results.

Now we have covered how to start a youtube channel, now I am going to discuss some bonus facts which helps in making your videos on youtube more visible to your target audience.


1. Don’t forget to do SEO on your YouTube Video

You might not get views after just uploading on youtube. You have to do a little SEO for your video to get more visibility.

Most of the YouTubers neglect it and this will cost them even after generating high-quality content.

Like Google, youtube needs to understand the video and wants to know what this video is all about. So that it would be more presentable to the right audience.

And how you can do this?

  1. Give your videos a good title with the right keywords.
  2. Use tags for people to find you more frequently.
  3. Write a search-engine-friendly description with keywords stuffing.

2. Social sharing and collaboration

After all this point, the last but not the least point is to share your video on social media where your audience is hanging around mostly and waiting for the right content to be published.

Just think about if you tap the share button it would go to 13 different platforms and how much engagement you will get after this.

Social media has so much power, it has the ability to make you star overnight (depending on the content).
Don’t only rely upon sharing, youtube is a vast platform, go and make some collaboration.

Try to provide a genuine interest in somebody’s else work. Build your network because it would really help in the long term.

Start Creating Videos Now

So Now just Start Creating Videos,

Hi, I am Ashish Aggarwal a YouTube marketing coach. I have just shared my 3 years of experience in video marketing. It would be fruitful for your personal branding or for your organization if you apply these points.

Still, you need any assistance you can contact us.

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